Saturday, December 17, 2016

Chocolate review: Heidi Grand'or Dark & Florentine

Passing by Clark last month, we had some time to go to the duty free shop to get a few items for us to take home. As usual, I browsed the shelves for some dark chocolate. I remembered the Heidi chocolates I had brought before and sure enough I was able to get my "quota" of chocolate bars for us to enjoy back home. But then I also spotted a newer chocolate among the Heidi bars we've already tasted.

Heidi Grand'or Dark & Florentine showed
Details on this Romanian chocolate at the back of the package
This chocolate features a "crispy layer of caramelized almonds". Of course, that could be seen from the pictures at the front of the package.
This chocolate claims a minimum of 45% cocoa.
This 100g chocolate retailed for about 125 Philippine pesos or about 2.50 US dollars. I would say it was enjoyable partly because of the caramelized layer of almonds. But then it was a bit sweet for my taste. Of course, this would be a treat for others so I would still definitely recommend this chocolate. It still qualified as dark chocolate but with an additional treat that makes you chew a bit more than let the chocolate just melt in your mouth.

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