Saturday, April 21, 2018

Breakfasts at Enschede

The Intercity Hotel where I stayed at in Enschede last March served a really good buffet breakfast. The selection was good considering it was a business hotel and one could have a complete meal to start the day. I always like to have cereal and particularly love to have muesli in the mornings. They had that and fresh milk likely from the farms around Twente or perhaps from across the nearby border with Germany.

My first breakfast in Enschede consisted of muesli, bread, sausages, bacon, cold cuts and cheese. I had some tea and orange juice on the side. Not shown are the fruits I had after my hearty meal.
I adhere to the saying that one has to start the day with a good meal. It sets the tone for your energy levels during the day. And for me while I'm traveling, I like to do a lot of walking and commuting via public transport so I need the nourishment for me to keep moving without getting hungry immediately.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Timex manual wind watch

I acquired this watch last year for two reasons: 1) It was a Timex assembled in the Philippines, and 2) it was priced really cheap. I had wanted to have a Timex for quite some time as I knew they assembled the watches in Cebu. I've seen the many models on display at Mactan Airport but could not quite decide about what to get. I was hesitant partly because most of the models were quartz watches. I have nothing against quartz watches as I own not a few of these including Swatches and Seikos. Only, I wanted to have something that's both collectible (for me) and reliable.

This watch is a manual wind and quite uncommon for a Timex today. And so I bought seeing nobody seemed interested in it. In fact, it got only a few likes compared to the other old watches being sold in the same site.

Simple watch face with arabic numerals, a date feature and water resistance indicated
The watch is in good condition and "assembled in the Philippines" was the real decider for me to get this watch.
Side view showing the crown
Another side view of the watch

This is a relatively small watch at 32mm wide except for the crown but it had 19mm lugs so you don't feel and look like its a small watch. I recently timed it on a full wind and it lasted about 42 hours. It also kept good time through this period; keeping up with the reference clocks I used for comparison.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Cortébert manual wind watch

Cortébert was considered a luxury brand during its heydays. Unfortunately, the brand suffered much during the onslaught of quartz watches (mainly from Japan) in the 1970s. It was not among the brands that survived but surprisingly was not resurrected later like other Swiss brands that are now actually masquerading as such.

The watch face is elegant with the sub-second adding appeal to this piece.
Side view showing the crown
Another side view
The case back
Closer inspection shows the engraved letters are in Cyrillic or Russian
I am usually wary about something etched or engraved on vintage watches I am interested in. For example, old Seiko watches from Japan might have inscribed on their backs the name of the person who originally owned it including perhaps an indication it was given as a gift (birthday? wedding? retirement?) or recognition for service. I generally avoid those watches. I was not able to see the writing on the case back on this one but based on what I've seen, these are translations of what is originally inscribed at the back and so are not names or other undesirable (for me) information.

I've timed this watch and the first time it lasted about 39 hours on a full wind. The second time it ran for 48.75 hours. It kept good time compared to my computer's clock and my other more dependable watches with no significant losses or gains in time over the period I was comparing it with other clocks/watches.