Friday, October 20, 2017

My first divers' watch - Swatch Radar

I got my first divers' watch along with my first automatic watch back in 2004. I got this also from the same shop at Akihabara (Laox) where I got my other Swatches from 2004. I had wanted a watch that I could swim with. I don't dive but we enjoy going to the beaches or the swimming pools of the better hotels we stay at.

This watch is called the Radar.
Instead of a plastic, metal or silicone strap, this one had a textile strap with velcro
Water resistance is at 200m and I have used this watch for swimming in Bohol, Palawan, Cebu, Iligan, Sarangani, Bali and other places where I could take a dip. You can easily change the battery from the back.
A close-up of the watch face doesn't allow you to see when it was madebut an even closer inspection of the bottom with a magnifier shows it was made in 1997.
This 20-year old watch is another favorite of mine and which I often take along with me to trips where I could expect to have an opportunity to swim. It is also among the watches I prefer to take on field work as it is a reliable watch and looks regular enough not to catch unwanted attention.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Another old Swatch automatic - Aniak

I wrote about my first Swatch not too long ago. This time around, I am featuring another Swatch automatic watch that is my wife's. I did get this initially for myself but it ended up with her. Maybe it was the design? I was intrigued by the design when I saw it in a pile in a Japanese shop. I did not hesitate to include it with my purchases that day.

The design was apparently inspired by ancient cave paintings
The watch face is transparent and shows the movement. This model is called Aniak.
A closer look reveals the model that was released in 1995. This makes it a couple of years 'newer' than my 1993 Swatch automatic. It's still an old one at 22 years.
A close look at the bracelet shows more creatures.
Here's a photo of the movement from the transparent back. The ETA 2840 automatic movement uses 23 jewels and runs at 21,600 beats/hour with a power reserve of 48 hours.
These watches had a default 3bar water resistance meaning you could use it for washing hands or some exposure to rain.
While this is only occasionally used, we consider it one of our favorites in our collection and one that our daughter will probably like to wear when she's of age.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Chocolate review: Venchi Dark Chocolight 75%

The Clairvoyant returned from her trip to Europe with several bars of chocolate from Venchi. We first tasted Venchi chocolates I purchased from local wine shop Bacchus and were delighted by the quality of the chocolates. And so when she happened upon the Venchi gelato shop in Rome, she remembered to get a few bars to bring back home.

Venchi's Chocolight 75% is good dark chocolate
Details on the chocolate at the back
Nutrition information on the chocolate

The chocolate did not disappoint. It was a smooth one considering 75% cacao. I didn't ask how much this bar cost but since it was bought at the Venchi shop itself, it would be less expensive than the previous Venchi chocolate I featured here. That was priced 125 pesos (about 2.5 USD at current exchange rates).