Thursday, February 22, 2018

Farewell to a National Artist

We have had our share of meeting (or rubbing elbows with) well known artists. Some of them are friends or acquaintances. But perhaps the most frequent that we saw was a National Artist who recently passed away. Napoleon Abueva is a National Artist for Sculpture. He is famous for many of his creations that include the Himlayang Pilipino's iconic statue and the crucifix atop the UP Chapel's main altar. He also has versions of the UP's oblation as well as many other works spread around the campus.

We remember him though as a fellow parishioner at the church where we hear Mass on Sundays. Abueva, I believe and observed, was humble, low key, and not the rock star type of artist. He was practically inconspicuous during the 9:00 am Masses that he attended at the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Antipolo. Perhaps people did not recognize him or unaware of this accomplished person among us? Perhaps he preferred this, too.

We often sat near (at times shared the same bench) him, his wife and their two assistants. The latter always greeted us and were sweet with our daughter who liked singing during Mass. He often just sat through the Mass and probably said his prayers or meditated in silence. When it was time to greet each other peace, he would often gesture to those around them with a nod while also acknowledging those who greeted him.

We knew he was already weak though he could still walk with assistance and didn't need a wheelchair for those times we saw him in church. Recently, we have been attending Mass at the chapel near my in-laws' home in Novaliches and so was not aware of his condition until the news came out about his passing.

Paalam po at nawa'y makapagpahinga kayo sa kanlungan ng Panginoon. May your works continue to inspire people.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


They say its better to eat peanuts instead of junk food. And there are a lot of articles including very scientific ones that validate the health benefits of peanuts. While there are many peanut vendors around, including at the market, I usually get our supply of peanuts from a suki vendor at a nearby mall.

Selection of peanuts (roasted with skin, without skin, garlic, adobo, spicy, etc.)
There are other nuts, beans and corn snacks being sold. The cashew nuts we get from the vendors at the pasalubong shops along Sumulong Highway.
Our daughter loves nuts and its good that she is not allergic to them. She likes the roasted, adobo flavored peanuts but without the skin. She likes the garlicky taste and munches on the crunchy garlic that's usually mixed with the peanuts.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hamilton Khaki Automatic

I got this watch from my suki in Montreal, Canada. It is a Hamilton Khaki H644550 automatic watch. It is a military design with a face that's quite familiar as it is practically replicated in other brands as well. Hamilton is another old brand and is part of the Swatch group along with Omega and Longines. The brand is considered part of the mid-level watches of the group along with Mido, Tissot and Certina.

The first thing that caught my attention were the day and date features at the top of the face.
What caught my attention here is the day and date display at the top of the face.
This one runs on an ETA 2834 movement that beats at 28,800 bph and a storage of 40h. I haven't really tested it on a full charge so I'll have to see how long this one will last when not in use.
I tried to take a photo of the watch in a dark area to capture its luminosity.
The signed crown
Here's the "obligatory" wrist shot. The watch came with 2 leather straps including the really nice anti-allergic strap shown in the photo.
I have a vintage military watch that I wrote about last year. That was a manual wind and keeps very good time for 70+ year-old watch. Hopefully, this Hamilton will also last the way the other has, and whoever will have it later (I intend to eventually give-ipamana? or sell it) will take care of it.