Sunday, March 18, 2018

Vostok Amphibia (again)

The leather strap on my Vostok Amphibia (also spelled Amfibia) gave out easily. That was relatively new as I bought it right after I had pins customized for the watch so I can fit it with new straps. The old metal bracelet was in a very bad condition and did not fit my wrist so I had to replace it (though I kept it as a souvenir of sorts).

The watch has an interesting design including the face, the rotating bezel and the large crown. The bottom of the face also shows its Made in the USSR (in Russian).
The watch back bears much information on the watch including its 200m water resistance (if properly sealed). I probably won't dare swim with this watch but was assured by my watch repairman that it is water resistant under typical conditions of wearing.
I had this beat up watch recently overhauled and it runs well. It's a good weekend watch.
Wrist shot
The new leather strap is more rugged in design and looks really good on the watch. It was also properly fitted to the watch, thanks to the lady who took care of cutting the leather and installing the strap to the watch.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Food for Lent

It's the Lenten Season once again and its that time of year when meat consumption tends to go down for Catholics. We are supposed to fast and abstain from meat (that's beef, pork and chicken) on Fridays and the specific days like Ash Wednesday, Maunday Thursday and Black Saturday.

Frozen seafood i vacuum packs mean they will last longer in the refrigerator.

I usually get dory, tanguige, tuna and milkfish as part of our food supply. Bangus (milkfish) is usually for breakfast while the other seafood can be cooked a number of ways. Sometimes I get tuna belly for grilling and sashimi-grade tuna for a home-prepared version of this Japanese favorite. And this is not just for Fridays but for the entire week. Of course, I try to get fresh seafood whenever I have the opportunity to go to market. That's where I get our supply of vegetables, shrimps, fish and other seafood from our suki vendors.

There was a bit of irony when Ash Wednesday happened to be the same day as Valentine's Day. Some people (the more religious ones?) were in some sort of dilemma how they can "celebrate" Valentine's Day when it was a day of fasting and abstinence if you're a Roman Catholic. I'm sure they were able to figure that out while practicing abstinence from meat

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gruen Precision Manual Wind Watch

I am on the lookout for vintage watches that are being sold for cheap but actually have a significantly higher value. A good example is this watch from Gruen that I got for about 40% of the market value based on what I found online. This watch is even in better condition than the reference I saw so I quickly moved to acquire it.

I saw this Gruen Precision manual wind and immediately liked the simple features including the absence of a second hand.
The watch is quite thin for a mechanical, hand-wound piece. I guess that is a testament to the quality of work of the makers of this watch. I got rid of its old, ugly strap and used the Nato strap from one of my Vostok watches as replacement.
The back of the watch after I did some basic cleaning with oil.
Here's the watch before I installed the Nato strap. I will probably have it cleaned and overhauled judging from the dirt on the watch.
A close-up of the bottom of the face shows this watch is Swiss Made.
Here's the obligatory wrist shot.
The watch keeps very good time and so far I have timed it to last about 39 hours one time on a full wind and then about 41 hours another time. I have not had it cleaned or overhauled after acquisition but will likely put it off for now since the watch is functioning quite well. I was able to clean the watch body with the help of some oil and cotton.