Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa Street

I saw a post on Facebook about a newly opened Japanese izakaya (bistro) along Maginhawa Street. And so one Friday, we decided to check it out.

The restaurant had tasteful interiors and the ambience of an izakaya was certainly there.
Sushi and sashimi bar
The drinks on display included many Japanese spirits
Another look at the interiors from inside towards the door

The bar was loaded not only with typical liquor like the Johnny Walkers but, and most notably, with Japanese spirits. These included whisky (Suntory anyone?), sake and shochu.
Shake (salmon) sashimi

Their version of brewed iced tea was okay though I would have preferred mugi cha for hot days
Ramen for me
Yasai itame and tori karaage with rice on the side
Soru Izakaya was a nice experience for us. It certainly brought back some good memories of Japan. The food was good and the service was okay. It would have been better if we had our other friends with us and perhaps if we went there on an evening to enjoy some beer to go with our food. The restaurant is certainly a welcome addition to the Japanese options in UP Village. Price-wise, we thought it didn't hurt the pocket if you ate here once in a while. It definitely is not for regular lunch for the typical employee or student.

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