Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chocolate review: Morinaga Venezuela Bitter

There are many companies with chocolate products in Japan and I have mentioned Meiji as among the popular brands. I remember they have bars, candies, ice cream and even a chocolate drink that you can buy in most supermarkets or grocery stores. Morinaga is another popular brand in Japan that's a direct competitor of Meiji. They have similar bars of chocolate including what looks like similar packaging and presentations for milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate bars. While both companies are diversified in terms of the food products, I think Morinaga has a better line of chocolates. One particularly satisfying line is on dark chocolate or "bitter" as they usually call it in Japan. 

The Clairvoyant bought a couple of boxes of Venezuela Bitter while on stopover at Nagoya's Chubu Airport. A box contained 21 squares of dark chocolate that's smooth with a cocoa content of 55%. The squares allow you to control yourself from indulging in this tempting delight. It is easy to forget one's diet or the dangers of indulging in chocolate once you get a taste of such treats.

A box of Morinaga Venezuela Bitter contains 21 squares

The packaging reminded me of the Scharffen Berger chocolates we usually bought when in San Francisco or Berkeley

A square or two for dessert is quite satisfying

The cacao used for Venezuela Bitter comprises 30% of Venezuela cacao


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