Monday, June 17, 2013

Gyudon at Yoshinoya

I remember eating at Yoshinoya during my stays in Yokohama, Tokyo and Saitama. A friend told me about his wedding plans at a branch near my home around the Nishiya Station of the Sotetsu Line. There is also a Yoshinoya near the Minami Yono Station of the Saikyo Line that I also rode on while visiting Saitama. I've come to enjoy a bowl of gyudon from time to time as I have also associated it with what we usually categorize as comfort food. 

I was early for a meeting at Ortigas one time last month and as I had not taken my lunch yet, I decided to have a late one at the shopping mall where I parked my car. As it was already after the lunch breaks of most offices, there were few people at the branch in the mall and I enjoyed a regular bowl of gyudon with shiitake shumai on the side.

A regular beef bowl with shiitake siomai on the side. Red iced tea to wash it down.


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