Sunday, September 20, 2015


I think one of our dogs have been a little jealous about our little Ally. Although both Barbi and Mocha have been allowed inside our home, it is usually Barbi (our old mixed breed) who is allowed indoors overnight. She is already more than 11 years old (about 80 in dog years) so she gets the preferential treatment over our Golden Retriever who is turning 2 in April next year. they have been trying to get our attention every single chance they have. But it is Mocha who has to make some 'sacrifice' staying at the service area. (She's got proper sleeping arrangements there and is not exposed to the elements.) Our previous dog Troy was always indoors at night. 

And so the wife thought we should already introduce our Ally to Barbi and Mocha. Barbi was okay and generally didn't mind our daughter's presence. Ally now often approaches and pets Barbi and we taught her to approach and stroke her gently so as not to surprise Barbi. Mocha is still young and would seem to be quite hyper whenever we are around and little Ally excites her as it seems Mocha sees her as a playmate. Ally was initially afraid of her but quickly learned that the dog is just super-malambing (to use a Filipino term). We try to walk around as much as possible with both Ally and Mocha. Our dog serves as our early warning against other dogs as well animals (there are many birds and small animals in our area where we have a lot of trees and other foliage around).

Mocha watching over the wife and daughter
Our retriever is territorial and we quickly discovered that her protectiveness of us extended to Ally as well. A male dog (a stray of sorts roaming around our village) happened to wander near us. Mocha spotted the dog in the distance and made her stance, barking loudly and making sure that the other dog knew she was aware of his presence and that the other dog should trot along quickly even without me shooing the dog. Ally and Mocha will grow up together and we think Mocha will eventually be Ally's dog (though we'll surely get her her own puppy once she's ready for that responsibility in a few years time).

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