Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Still on Philippine history - the British occupation and the Silangs

I have mentioned to friends that perhaps there should also be a movie about an often overlooked if not forgotten part of Philippine history, which is the victory of the British over Spain back in 1762. While some sources refer to this as the British occupation of the Philippines, what the former actually succeeded in holding was an area (very) roughly the expanse of Metro Manila. The British managed to hold this area for only short of 2 years as they withdrew after an agreement between Britain, France and other nations involved in the Seven Years' War in Europe.

There were some interesting persons back then and there were no lack for heroes with a couple no less who are now remembered for their efforts against Spain back then - Diego and Gabriela Silang. I'm sure there will be actors and actresses who would be lobbying if not auditioning for these parts. Perhaps, too, and more likely, the story for such a film will be revolving around this couple. Is any film maker or producer up to the challenge in coming up with this movie?


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