Thursday, October 1, 2015

Greek yogurt by BTIC

Among the things I missed from our old neighborhood are the stuff we could get from a store specializing in Greek products. It was owned by a couple residing in the village where we resided before. The husband is Greek and the wife is Filipina. Their business was as supplier of Greek and other Mediterranean products to hotels and restaurants in Metro Manila. Among my favorites was the home made Greek yogurt that was available at their store but they didn't make much and sometimes you couldn't get any because of the demand for it among the other residents of the subdivision who had discovered this really great treat. 

Every now and again, I fancy Greek yogurt and have purchased a small cup whenever I found it at supermarket or grocery store. As I browsed the supermarket shelf near our home, I spotted the yogurt section beside the Yakult stack of which I usually picked a couple of packs (I love Yakult.). I decided to get a 350g container of Greek yogurt made by BTIC. We enjoyed BTIC's frozen yogurt before so I thought this was a safe buy.

Greek yogurt by BTIC (Better than ice cream)
The yogurt was firm and packaged in a container that I thought was just right for a few days in the refrigerator.
I thought the texture was just right.
I also thought the taste was good enough compared to the yogurt we bought in our former neighborhood. I ended up eating most of the yogurt as the wife felt it tasted more like cream cheese. It was a bit on the sour side so I decided to add some wild honey that we usually had in stock in the pantry. That turned out quite well. I would probably get this in the supermarket or maybe try the other Greek yogurts available so I can do some further comparisons.

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