Monday, October 5, 2015

Thank you, anyone?

I have another blog that deals mainly with work-related stuff. I write about research topics, technical matters and issues pertaining to my chosen field. Often, I also post my opinions about policies, schemes, projects or programs - practically anything under the sun. Many of my articles have photos and even citations or links to other sources. I believe such material enriches the discussions in my posts and allows me to direct readers to other material that could help them understand concepts or issues.

I have little, if any, hesitation in replying to comments to articles I've written. This includes replies to inquiries about my identity. While most 'researchers' probably just copy and paste material from my work (plagiarism being so easy and difficult to catch especially for material from online sources) there are those who are decent enough to cite the blog as reference. Those who are more honest with their work and aware of the requirements for formal citations need my identity for their work (probably their thesis or dissertation based on what they told me in their comment/inquiry). 

So from time to time, someone writes to me to ask about my identity so they can cite my article properly. I obliged by replying to them through email, even thanking them for their interest in doing research in my field. Unfortunately, I have not received any thanks from them after I had replied and assuming that they did use the materials from my articles as references in their works. Not that I cared so much about their expression of gratitude but then I think it is the right thing to do. That is, to say thank you to people you asked help from. Kaso, hindi na nga yata uso ang pagsambit ng salamat ngayon.

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