Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Other notables for 2016

I forgot to mention two other persons in the previous post on the upcoming Philippine presidential elections in May 2016. One is a candidate for vice president and another a pakipot for the presidential race. The first is a senator, whose claim to fame is supposedly his penchant for exposes and investigations of anomalies in government, all supposedly in aid of legislation. Others have observed that this is good work for someone who has little credential at all prior to running for a senate seat. He supposedly won on the strength of his father's name. Talk about someone having something in common with many of the other candidates and even the incumbent chief executive of the Philippine government. They are their parents' children, which speaks a lot about Philippine politics and the grooming of leaders from the same gene pool. Indeed, this candidate's family is at the early stages of establishing their own dynasty in a city that has two faces - a modern face in what is among the fastest growing CBDs in the country and a backward face in what is a congested and somewhat blighted old town. This candidate currently has no partner and is said to be trying hard in his courtship of the pakipot candidate.

The pakipot candidate is a current mayor of a major Philippine city in the south. He is well known for what is allegedly a death squad that is under him. Supposedly he is a no nonsense person but then a closer look at a phase in his political career, a time when he was congressman, shows that he is not at all what it seems. Many seem to be enamored or amused of his reputation, and perhaps due to the failures of past administrations and the current in curbing criminality as well as the indecision of our leaders, many clamor for his style of leadership. He is pakipot because you know that he covets the presidency and yet wants assurances from his supporters and various sectors that he will have solid support and not just become an also-ran in the 2016 elections. He has said several times that he is not seeking the presidency in 2016. This, despite all the loud campaigning among his supporters for him to run. It seems that many of these supporters have the idea that under him, the country can have a federalist government and that such a transformation will solve the country's woes. I believe such is quite far from the truth but my explanation deserves another article in the future. Meanwhile, pakipot has kept his cards close to him and few if any know whether he will eventually run for the top post this coming May.


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