Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lambing and kuyakoy of dogs

Our dogs have always been malambing (affectionate) and playful. We are thankful for them as companions who also bring joy to our lives. We always remember our black Labrador Retriever Troy who passed away last year. He was a jolly dog and one who constantly sought our company. He had his ways of showing his affection including going up to our room to sleep beside the bed if one of us were out on travel. He also liked to just lie on our feet as we worked overtime on our computers or perhaps watching the TV.

Our Golden Retriever Mocha is an even more playful and affectionate dog. She is still very young so she is very active and unknowingly can hurt you if you're not accustomed to affectionate dogs. This is because she has a tendency to jump at you (damba). She does follow commands not to jump at people but she is usually excited meeting people especially those she already knows especially us.

Mocha, our 1.5-year old golden retriever munching her raw hide 'bone' while also spinning around on her back.
Our older dog Barbi, a terrier mix, also loves to spin around on her back especially on grass or on our rugs. We think its partly her doing herself a back rub though many times she will just look at you and you know its an expression of happiness on her part to just do her thing. She also has a habit of snuggling up to us on the sofa whenever we are watching TV at night. Usually, it her bedtime ritual and I guess a way for her to be assured that we're just nearby as she sleeps. Unlike when we didn't have a child yet and Troy would also be in the house to keep her company after we went to our bedroom, she's now basically by herself in the living room. Mocha is still quite excitable so she has to stay out but in the service area where she has her own spot that's protected from the elements. Later, she will probably be allowed to stay indoors more.

Our youngest dog, Boots, whom I have not written about yet is a maltipoo (maltese and poodle mix). He currently likes just running around and playing with Mocha. Both our younger dogs are very active and they spend much of the mornings and afternoons running around the garden. Fortunately, they don't like to dig or play with the plants so its all good so far with the garden. We like to think that our older dogs have taught and passed on some rules to our younger ones on what is allowable behavior around in and our home (i.e., they were all easily house trained and rarely pee in the house).

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