Thursday, November 12, 2015

Marison's at Robinsons Place Antipolo

We had been curious about a restaurant we've learned about from friends that we also googled over the internet. Marison's is located at the town center of a residential development deep inside Antipolo along the road connecting it to Binangonan and Angono. We planned to go there but just couldn't proceed with the drive as it was basically out of the way for us. It was not even along our regular commuting routes. So we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered during one of our trips to the Robinsons mall near our home that Marison's was opening a branch at the mall. It didn't take time before the restaurant opened but were only able to eat there a couple of Sundays ago.

The interior features these lamps.
The divide between the dining area and the kitchen features Filipino-style windows including stained glass.
Ensalada Marison - highly recommended! We were surprised our Ally ate a lot of the salad. We thought it was probably the fruits and the dressing that got her interested in the salad.
Grilled Salmon sa Miso - normally the combination would have been a version of sinigang but this was one of those surprisingly perfect concoctions. Our daughter also loved the salmon.
Molo - their version was tasty and the dumplings were generously sized. We thought a bowl would be perfect comfort food for rainy days.
Pork Adobo - that's bagnet on top of the adobo; as if the pork wasn't enough. The meat was tender and contrasted with the crunchy, chicharon-like bagnet. This is quite a sinful dish so we decided to just get a few bites

Marison's is a welcome addition to the growing number of restaurants in Antipolo that we like going to (bot including the fast food types). It's actually a short list that we maintain and one from which we choose where to eat at when we do eat out like when we have guests. We don't generally eat out these days as we prefer our home cooked meals and that includes preparations for our daughter. But when we do eat out we take her along so she could also enjoy good food at restaurants we carefully select so she could have nutritious meals. Marison's is one of those that we found serves good meals; many being what we call Filipino food.


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