Friday, November 27, 2015

Parilla Bacolod Chicken at UP Village

I almost forgot to write about another restaurant we had lunch at in UP Village.  Parilla is located at the same building as Angus Tapa Centrale and Ally's All Day Breakfast along the very busy Malingap Street. The restaurant specializes in Bacolod's famous chicken inasal as well as other Ilonggo favorites.

Their menu is supposed to Ilonggo favorites including the very popular chicken inasal but we saw many items that weren't really Ilonggo dishes like pinakbet and sinigang (unless its somewhat Ilonggo style?).
The decors are consistent with the theme of the restaurant as there are many chicken ornaments like these figurines and what appeared to be stuffed chicken on these shelves.
The counter display shows dessert options including tiramisu and leche flan.
Chicken inasal - I usually order pecho (breast) and a colleague usually orders paa (leg)
Kinilaw na tangigue - raw fish marinated with vinegar (basically ceviche)
Sign in front of the restaurant
I think they have one of the best chicken inasal in the UP Village area and has a slight distinction over the mass produced grilled chicken offerings of Mang Inasal. The menu seems limited and perhaps one shouldn't take the list of Ilonggo favorites too seriously. However, we will definitely be back for our inasal cravings.

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