Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chocolate-covered potato chips

The Clairvoyant and I have been curious about the chocolate-covered potato chips being sold by Royce. They were supposed to be very good and one can easily finish a bag in one sitting. So one time while browsing the foreign foods shelves at the supermarket for soba sauce, I casually picked up a cup of chocolate covered potato chips. Showing it to the wife, she asked me to take two so we can sample them. Each cup was light so we didn't expect much in terms of the amount of chips inside each.

The hiragana states 'jaga' and jaga stands for potato. So 'jaga choco' roughly translates to 'chocolate potato'.
Inside the package are a few chocolate-covered potato chips. The chips have ridges, which I guess makes them easier for the chocolate to attach to.

These chocolate-covered potato chips are made by Bourbon, a Japanese company specializing in snacks. I have enjoyed a lot of their products when I was in Japan so I wasn't surprised that their 'jaga choco' was also very good. It is quite pricey though at 120+ PHP per cup so it isn't something you would want to splurge on more frequently. Still, we would probably be getting a couple of cups from time to time. This definitely counts as some sort of comfort junk food.

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