Saturday, November 14, 2015

Beef bowl celebrations

There's something about gyudon (thin strips of beef toppings on rice) that I associate with celebrating something with a good friend. You see, he broke the great news of his upcoming wedding to me when he visited me in Yokohama back in 1998 at a Yoshinoya near my home. Since then, I have come to link beef bowl celebrations with good news and Yoshinoya, in particular, as a place for some comfort food.

A couple of weeks ago after a seminar for his youngest son's upcoming Confirmation, I decided it was time for another beef bowl. I have not had the chance to eat at Yoshinoya for a while and there was one at a nearby mall. By myself, I thought about 17 years ago and the present and how life has changed about us. He has 2 sons both grown up now and in their teens. I have a very young daughter myself who's just starting to discover a lot of things. Life is good! And God has blessed us with our children - as well as these gyudon we enjoy to celebrate life. :)

Yoshinoya's gyudon and shiitake shumai on the side


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