Friday, November 27, 2015

Kazoku, Maginhawa Revisited

We had several more lunches at Kazoku after my initial post about the restaurant about 3 months ago. One time we went there though, the power was out so we had to settle our cravings for Japanese food elsewhere.

Menu cover
Kazoku's sushi bar
Chicken katsu curry
Yasai itame and teriyaki chicken
Kazoku is still probably the best Japanese restaurant in UP Village. The quality of the food says a lot about how good this restaurant is, and the owner and chef is Japanese. We have observed, however, that they would need to improve some aspects of their service in order to better serve their customers. This includes a bit more training for the staff to have better (and therefore more attentive) coverage of customers. We observed in a couple of recent lunches there that there is a tendency to have no one serving a number of tables as safe tend to congregate on the tables with the bigger groups of people.  While this might be understandable considering these probably have more orders, other people will tend to feel unattended to and might lose interest if they don't get served in a timely manner. One time, they were so busy that the owner had to go out and serve customers himself. This was not odd as we had seen him come out of the kitchen before and check on his diners to ask if how they found the food. But that time we were there, he was really going around and serving people himself. We thought it would be best if he was spending more time in the kitchen rather than waiting on people.

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