Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Belen exhbit at 8 Rockwell

I was invited to guest in a major local news channel's morning show to talk about transport and traffic in Metro Manila. The studio is located at a posh new building at Rockwell in Makati City. But I will not talk about the interview or the news channel in this post. Instead I am featuring some photos I took of the exhibit at the building's lobby. The exhibit featured what looked like a private collection of "Belen" or the Nativity scene of Jesus' birth. I wasn't able to take notes of each of the sets in the exhibit but I guess the photos will speak for themselves in terms of the uniqueness and the qualities of each.

The collection comes from all over the world and many are exquisitely crafted using materials that are probably indigenous or even rare. I thought it was quite appropriate to share these photos on the first day of December as Christmas Day approaches fast and the spirit of this very special season is felt by many people.

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