Saturday, December 5, 2015

Revisiting Pinto Museum in Antipolo

We had a chance to again visit Pinto Art Museum, which is near our home (and probably the reason we don't go there so often). There have been a lot of improvements and additions to the place including more eating options. There is also construction work ongoing for what is going to be a building for accommodations. Pinto is said to be soon to become a 'bed & breakfast' and that is something I think a lot of people are looking forward to - a cozy, artsy hotel in Antipolo that's quite near Metro Manila. Following are photos I took while going around Pinto. I didn't provide captions for the photo as I will leave my readers to become curious enough about the place that they would want to come to Antipolo for Pinto and the city's other attractions.

Our daughter loved the place and was expressing her wonder (wow!) about a lot of stuff she saw. It helped that Pinto has an expansive garden with lots of different plants and flowers. There is certainly a certain ambiance to the museum and its gardens that makes people want to either go around or perhaps just sit down, relax and take in the good vibes you can get from the place.

Antipolo is a closer destination to Metro Manilans wanting to have that short break from the urban jungle. There are a lot of small hotels and some resorts in the capital city of Rizal province, which is a highly urbanized city. I think Antipolo has great potential to grow more in terms of tourism. The city already receives a steady flow of visitors due to its being a pilgrimage city (Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage) and it wouldn't hurt to have more places of interest (e.g., restaurants, museums, galleries, resorts, etc.) to establish themselves in the city.

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