Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nihonjin, UP Village

There's another Japanese-themed restaurant in UP Village that we spotted as we made our way to the House of Gyoza. Nihonjin is located along Malingap Street corner Malumanay Street. We had wanted to eat there before but just couldn't find a parking slot at the restaurant, which only has perhaps 3 slots. We finally were able to have lunch there one time we decided to go early.

Nihonjin's menu is relatively simple, focusing on items that are typically associated with Japanese food
The colorful interiors shout Japan at the customer including this scroll, frame, lamp and divider
The frames and scrolls are colorful but remind me of the cheap, touristy souvenirs you can get from the lesser shops in Japan.
The main wall shows what looks like a fake counter
Another photo of the restaurant's interior shows just how big (or small) Nihonjin is
Yasai itame
Tonkotsu ramen
Nihonjin is a good enough Japanese-themed restaurant. We thought the food was okay though a bit on the salty side. We're not sure who does the cooking here or who is supervising cooking but the taste i certainly not along the lines of authentic Japanese food that we had found elsewhere in the other Japanese restaurants in UP Village. In terms of prices, I would say that the prices are reasonable but one has to temper expectations balancing taste quality and cost. Will we return to have lunch here? Probably but not as likely as the other restaurants I have written about in this blog.

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