Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jo Chef's Contemporary Fun Dining, Tiendesitas

We were back at Tiendesitas after a long time. We had only usually passed by the area as a shortcut between Julia Vargas and Ortigas Avenue. This time, we decided to stop by to have lunch after a medical appointment at the nearby Medical City, and also check out what's changed about the place. 

We had lunch at JoChef's, which is located at the ground floor of Tiendesitas' south wing (the one close to SM Hypermarket) and beside Tom Sawyer's chicken. It had a simple menu, which we preferred so as not to have to have so many items to choose from. We had pasta and fish and chips and iced tea for drinks.

JoChef's is at the ground floor of Tiendesitas
Fish and chips

We thought the food was okay though nothing really special. It was okay for occasional quick, light meals (hindi pang-araw-araw) but if you want the heavier and more savoury foods then the food court is for you. Price-wise, our bill was reasonable for the servings and food quality.

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