Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tsamporado - chocolate porridge

Last Sunday, I decided to cook some tsamporado or chocolate porridge so our daughter could taste a classic breakfast that seemed apt for the stormy weather we were experiencing then. Antonio Pueo's Double Chocolate Champorado is probably the best instant chocolate porridge available in the market. There are others but they are not the same quality particularly when it come to the chocolate.

Instructions and nutrition facts
A pack of glutinous rice and unsweetened chocolate (the box contains 2 packs)
5 cups of water is added and mixed with the other ingredients from the pack
Medium setting to boil and then low fire for 18 minutes
The finished product, which requires some milk, preferably condensed, as a sweetener and to lighten up the rich chocolate taste of the porridge

My daughter and I enjoyed the chocolate porridge breakfast though I must admit that I enjoyed it more than her. Of course, the best champorado would be the ones made out of scratch with rice (preferably the sticky variety) and tableyas (cacao blocks or chunks). Also, champorado is perfect with dried or smoked fish (which our daughter likes). Only, we didn't have dried fish so I we had to make do with just champorado.

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