Thursday, June 15, 2017

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, C5/McKinley

Once a week, our daughter attends Kinder Musik. We usually leave our home early so that we will not be hampered by traffic along our usual route. We always pass by the roadside Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) just after the Shell service station across from the Korean Embassy. This is along the northbound side of C-5. We finally got to go there last Saturday as we were quite early for school and wanted to have a snack prior to her lunch time class.

Counter and staff
You can choose a nice comfy chair or opt for a table at the side where you can catch up on work.
A view of the second level, which looks perfect for people looking for a more private place to meet or perhaps work.
Another photo of the interior

This CBTL is the coziest we've gone to. The staff are accommodating and even brought our food and drink to our table instead of the usual self service in their other branches. I wonder if they don't usually have a lot of customers considering their location or perhaps it was just that we were there on a Saturday morning rather than a workday.

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