Sunday, June 18, 2017

Vietnamese dinner - Part 3

I interrupt my series of art postings with a retro topic. I was checking how many drafts I had waiting to be completed when I noticed there seemed to be one missing from the more recent ones I started writing. It turned out I left out one draft from way back in 2013 so this is like something I started 4 years ago that I now will try to finish. This draft was written when we were still residing at our old home in lower Antipolo.

The photos show the step-by-step process for making Vietnamese spring rolls. The Clairvoyant learned this together with a couple of friends while on vacation there.

Herbs and cabbage are carefully placed on the wrapper, which is made of rice
Rice noodles
Ingredients for the Vietnamese dishes
Beans sprout are washed in running water
Bean sprouts or toge
Ingredients for the spring rolls
Rolling the fresh spring rolls
Plating for the spring rolls. Those flowers are made of tomatoes.
The dip for the spring rolls with floating flowers made of carrots.
I asked the Clairvoyant if she could remember how to make the spring rolls and she said she probably has her notes from their Vietnamese food lessons stashed somewhere. We hope to find it soon and be able to enjoy some homemade spring rolls again soon.

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