Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cafe Dominic

We pass along Quezon Avenue so often as it is our route when going to DPWH for meetings or perhaps to Mapua or UST where we have co-researchers. I remember noticing Cafe Dominic sometime last year one time we were en route to Manila. It is right inside the compound of Sto. Domingo Church in a building that's connected to the church, which is also the Shrine to La Naval. One Saturday morning, I decided to walk to the Cafe from where I was having our car serviced. It was only a 10-minute walk and though it was a little hot that late morning, it was still an easy stroll. It helped that both sides of Quezon Avenue had sidewalks and that these were clear of obstructions. Following are a few photos of the cafe that I took as I had lunch while my car was being serviced.

Mugs, tumblers and other dishes on display near the counter of the cafe
Ceiling details with the drop lights
The counter where customers make their orders. A simple menu of what's offered by the cafe is on the chalkboard while desserts are on display. While orders are taken here and payments are made immediately, the staff takes the order to the customers' tables.
Cool kalamansi and lemongrass - perfect for a summer day
Tuna pesto pasta
A slice of teramisu and a brownie for my sweet tooth.
I understand they had free wifi at the cafe and so other customers were using their notebooks and tablets. There was even a group of students having a study meeting there. Sto. Domingo is near several schools and just a short ride away from the University Belt so I guess its a favorite venue to students who want to have a snack or drink while studying or working on projects.

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