Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chocolate review: Monggo Extra Fine Chocolate Dark 58% with Orange Peel

As we were going around the shops at the Bali Denpasar International Airport last year, I came across a store selling a wide variety of what looked like a local chocolate brand. I inquired about the bars on display and was informed that  Chocolate Monggo is a Indonesian brand and a popular one for souvenirs. While I bought several varients of their extra fine chocolates, I was only able to take souvenir shots of the last bar we had in the fridge a few months ago. We usually saved the best of the batch for last so I guess this was the best (our opinion, of course) of the bars I bought at the airport.

The combination of dark chocolate and oranges is a favorite of ours and the Clairvoyant and I make it a point to find good dark chocolate to take home whenever we are on trips. And so I brought home several bars of dark chocolate variants from Indonesia, and I do remember picking up three of the Dark 58% with Orange Peel along with a couple of plain dark chocolate (69%) and a bar of Red Chili.

Monggo Extra Fine Chocolate, Dark 58% with Orange Peels

I will remember to pick up a few bars or maybe more the next time I would be in Indonesia. Perhaps I will try to get the other variants so we can compare and determine which ones we'd prefer over the others.

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