Saturday, November 9, 2013

Aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

The news reports on the aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda (international: Haiyan) are now coming in. All reports state that wide areas of the central Philippines have been devastated by the record-breaking typhoon. News and amateur footage as well as photos from all over the provinces that were affected by Yolanda show depressing images of the destruction.

Here are links to the 2 major news agencies in the country:

As of this time, many people have not been able to contact relatives and friends in their hometowns. This is due to power plants, power line and communication facilities that were destroyed by the typhoon. Based on reports, it will take some time before these facilities are repaired including the clearing of debris like trees that have fallen on power lines. I have relatives in Iloilo, Negros Occidental and Sorsogon whom we are still trying to contact. What we know so far from various sources is that they are generally safe though we don't know yet exactly how our relatives' homes fared considering the very strong winds of the typhoon. Hopefully, we could talk with loved ones soon so we could know directly about their plight and have some peace of mind about their situations.



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