Monday, November 4, 2013

Theo & Philo artisan chocolate

I occasionally go to the Human Heart Nature shop near the university to pick up a few bottles of the Bayani Brew tea that I have found to be very refreshing and healthier than most iced tea products you'll find in the market. There are many products in the store and consigned to them are other local products including artisan chocolates from Theo & Philo. I picked up a few bars of chocolate for the Clairvoyant to take to our friends in London and this post is basically a re-featuring of this high quality artisan chocolates.

Dark chocolate with green mango and sea salt - the Clairvoyant's favorite
Information on each chocolate bar variant is on the back of each bar
Dark chocolate with calamansi (local variety of lemon)
This reminds us of the nice blend of dark chocolate and orange 
Milk chocolate with barako coffee (a local coffee made mostly of liberica beans)
Barako coffee is popular for being a strong blend and a favorite for people who want to stay awake to work or to study. I assume this bar also packs a punch?
70% dark chocolate is the most bitter of their products but 70% is just right for  dark chocolate lovers.
This bitter chocolate is of high quality and tastes smooth.
Theo & Philo chocolates are not available in your typical or favorite supermarkets. You can get them at the Echo Store or at Human Heart Nature stores. Check out their website for other outlets.

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