Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hanamaruken Ramen

I start April with another feature on Japanese food. Our lunch group at the office recently went to the Trinoma mall to get some supplies at a bookstore. Of course, since we were going there, we decided to time our trip so we could have lunch there. We wanted to eat some Japanese food and so checked the directory of the mall. We found Hanamaruken located at an upper floor of the mall. The restaurant specializes in ramen, particularly what they claim as authentic Osaka-style ramen.

Place mat with the familiar classic theme
Salary Man Ramen
Chasyu Ramen
Happiness Rice Bowl
Eating at Hanamaruken is certainly a pleasant experience. We enjoyed our ramen and think the serving's just right for a reasonably hungry person. The Happiness Rice Bowl is flavorful according to the one who ordered it. I'm not sure if it tastes like authentic Osaka ramen as I have not been to Osaka recently (I was there and tried their ramen in 1997, which is 18 years ago.). However, I would recommend Hanamaruken among the many ramen places you'd find around Metro Manila for lunch or dinner.

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