Friday, April 24, 2015

Simple breakfasts at hotels

My colleagues and I stayed at one of the best hotels in Tagaytay for a couple of nights during a workshop we participated in. At the hotel, we were delighted to have a not so usual breakfast of what was typically found on Filipino tables. I consider pandesal (literally salt bread) and tsamporado (chocolate porridge) as part of my list of comfort food and partnered with hot chocolate from tableya (cacao tablets) is just perfect on a cool morning in this resort city.

Pandesal and toast to go with hot chocolate
Champorado (chocolate porridge) and orange juice
I really enjoyed these items for breakfast as they are the typical agahan in the Philippines. Buffet breakfasts are good but most are practically western and some items in other hotels can be more appropriate for lunch (adobo? lumpia? pancit?). I would prefer to have kakanin like suman instead. Of course, if I opt for western food, then I would like to have my bircher muesli in the selection.


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