Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oliva Bistro Cafe - Visayas Avenue

The first time I saw Oliva was while driving along Marcos Highway. They have a branch at the compound shared by Barrio Fiesta and Slimmer's World between Ligaya and Dela Paz in Pasig City. While curious about the "bistro cafe" and already theorizing about what they had to offer (I thought they were about anything cooked with olive oil.), I have yet to find the opportunity to check it out.

On our regular lunch out, a friend suggested a place along Visayas Avenue that he wanted to try out. This turned out to be what looked like a recently opened branch of Oliva. They had a good menu with a lot of items to choose from. No, they didn't use olive oil for all the food they cooked but we didn't ask what Oliva stood for. Maybe the owner's name?

Sauces and spices for the hainanese chicken ordered by my friend
Grilled pork chops
Toyo (soy sauce), kalamansi (citrus), siling labuyo (local hot chili peppers) and atsara (pickled papaya)
Tandoori chicken on sticks
The food is more than okay and the service was good. They looked like they had only recently opened but it seemed to us that they already had a few regulars judging by the greetings some customers exchanged with the staff. This is definitely a place we will come back to in the near future if only to try out other items on their menu. It's just a bit out of the way for our regular lunches so we can only go here when we have more than the 1 hour break we have on weekdays.

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