Tuesday, January 26, 2016

North Wing, Maginhawa Street

Coming from a wake, a friend and I decided to have dinner out before we went home. This was less about the belief about pagpag and more about us hungry for a good meal. We thought we could go to one of our favorites at UP Village but it turned out to be full of people. So we ended up looking for another restaurant to eat at and ended up at an new and relatively inconspicuous restaurant. 

North Wing is part of a food court set-up where there is another stand selling drinks. Customers have good enough choices from their menu but these may not be available when you come in late (we came in around 9PM). We had to settle for dishes we were familiar with. I ordered Pesto and my friend had Pomodoro.

The menu is written on a chalkboard
Pesto and chicken
Our food was okay. Our pastas were not as good as the Italiannis or Amicis but I guess they're definitely better than canteen or cafeteria fare on campus. The prices were also friendly to the budget so students can enjoy a meal here more regularly than in other places in UP Village.


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