Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chocolate review: Lindt Swiss Dark Chocolate

We have always enjoyed Lindt chocolates and among those we call our favorites is their dark chocolate. I think I somewhat featured this before but with other Lindt chocolates in their miniature forms. I thought perhaps that this chocolate deserved to have its own feature.

Lindt Swiss Dark Chocolate
Detailed information on the chocolate is at the back and the packaging shows that this chocolate is sold in Japan where there is a large market for chocolates.
This dark chocolate claims 49% cocoa solids.

Lindt Swiss Dark Chocolate is somewhat smooth and somewhat bitter. I think it is a good dark chocolate among the more commonly available ones (i.e., those generally available in supermarkets and stores). It is Swiss and from a well-known brand. I will have to check though how much this bar cost in retail from a typical supermarket. This one was given as a pasalubong from a friend's recent trip.

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