Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kimukatsu, Bonifacio High Street

There's a couple of Japanese restaurants at Bonifacio High Street that we usually go to to have early lunch on Saturdays when our daughter has a play school session nearby. One of these restaurants is her favourite and we could say so because among the restaurants along Bonifacio High Street that we have gone to the past few months, this is the one where she ate the most and we didn't have any trouble in feeding her. It also helped that there were usually few customers for early lunch so we practically had the restaurant to ourselves and the staff's attention.

Kimukatsu is a Japanese restaurant specialising in katsu, the popular fried breaded pork cutlets. Their best-seller is the titular kimukatsu, which is a 25-layer mille-feuille katsu that comes in different variants. Our favourite (also Ally's favourite) is the black pepper and we did enjoy their kurobuta. They have sets and so we usually order one set each for the Clairvoyant and me that we just share with our daughter. 'Unlimited' rice is served on a big bowl, which we thought was good so the staff need not frequently check on customers if they wanted more rice. A generous amount of shredded cabbage was also served on a plate and you can always request for more if you are able to consume what was first provided.

The restaurant has a nice interior that states 'modern' by the design including the lighting. 
Typical table setting
A replica samurai armour sits at the front door, symbolically guarding the entrance
Stone ware plate, chopsticks, rice bowl and sauce plate. You also have to grind your sesame seeds for your katsu.
Pickled vegetables just the way I like it - the wife doesn't like to eat these so I ended up eating both servings
Cheese kimukatsu
Black pepper kimukatsu
We really enjoy eating here and don't really mind having having Saturday early lunches here. The staff are attentive and based on the many times we have eaten here, the kitchen has been very consistent with the quality of food. The prices are just right even for those who think eating at restaurants in Bonifacio High Street is expensive. I personally recommend the place to anyone who would like to get out of their katsu comfort zones (yes I'm referring to you Yabu and Ginza Bairin diehards!).

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