Monday, February 22, 2016

Chocolate review: Valrhona Noir Alpaco

We still had a few bars of Valrhona chocolates from the Clairvoyant's last trip overseas. We thought we should already start eating the bars as the expiration dates neared. Also, we had some overseas trips coming up so we could replenish our chocolate cache. It didn't hurt that we had a lot to celebrate this January and February and we usually celebrated with good chocolate and a good bottle of wine.

Valrhona Noir Alpaco is made from single origin cacao from Ecuador.
Details at the back of the box
Alpaco claims to contain at least 66% cacao
This bar's expiration date is March 2016
The chocolate is described as floral and oaky. I'm not sure about how floral and how oaky it should be but this bar definitely didn't disappoint. There was a hint of bitter and a good blend of sweetness and woodiness that's probably the oaky aspect of the chocolate. Alpaco certainly lived up to the Valrhona reputation.

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