Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chocolate review: Valrhona Manjari

We almost forgot the Clairvoyant bought a pack of Valrhona chocolates during her last trip abroad last year. We were actually reserving the chocolates for special occasions like milestones with our daughter Ally. That turned out to be quite frequent as it seems that milestones are not hard to come by when you talk about raising a child. This also means we would probably have to stock up on our good dark chocolates to help us celebrate these milestones.

The label says it all - Valrhona's Manjari dark chocolate is supposed to contain 64% cacao that's from a single origin (Madagascar), and taste fresh and tangy
The mandatory photo of the back of the box showing details on the chocolate
Close-up of the back showing a breakdown of the ingredients and a more eloquent description of the chocolate: "The rich soils of the Sambirano River valley encourage the release of acidic notes of red berries and dried fruit, offering a unique expression of the aromas of the ancient Trinitario Tree, found in northern Madagascar."
Bar codes and production and expiration dates

We thought this bar lived up to the Valrhona reputation. It was indeed fresh and tangy, as smooth as one would like for a 64% dark chocolate. It is a pleasant chocolate you can enjoy after a meal or perhaps by itself (though I wouldn't recommend you make a snack or meal out of chocolate bars no matter how good they taste). It's definitely a must buy on the next opportunity to encounter the chocolate.


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