Monday, February 15, 2016

Dorissimo cafe, Malingap Street, UP Village

A couple of friends and I had lunch at one of the restaurants in UP Village and decided to have some coffee afterwards. I mentioned that there was this coffee shop along Malingap Street that we always passed but never got to try out. We decided to have our coffee and dessert there. Dorissimo cafe is just across from Bayantel and offers mostly pastries and light meals, which can go with a beverage of your choice.

The cafe is a nice cozy place across from Bayantel near the intersection of Malingap with Maginhawa
The chalkboards and the writings on them easily caught our attention and you can't help but try to read what's there. The books were also interesting and I spotted a newer edition of our college calculus textbook in one of the shelves.
Tables, chalkboards and bookshelves
Dorissimo's version of frozen brazo de mercedes made with muscovado sugar
The coffee was good and strong, and the brazo was curiously delightful. The prices are also okay and will not hurt your wallet. The place seems to be a cozy place where you can do some work, reading or meetings. The only hitch is the parking for those coming with their own vehicles. Dorissimo is a small place and  basically only has space for one vehicle to park in front of the cafe and along Malingap Street. One is better off taking public transport or walking to the cafe.

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