Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Off-season delights: puto bumbong

Two Sundays ago after Mass, we decided to pass by the food stalls beneath the church to get our Ally some treats. There are usually home-baked cookies available in at least one stall and these are the chewy kind that are a pleasure to munch on. There is a very popular stall that offers bibingka (grilled rice cakes) and puto bumbong, which are steamed rice cakes cooked in small cylindrical containers (bumbong)that give them their characteristic shape. Puto bumbong is usually something that was sold during the Advent season during Simbang Gabi (night or early morning masses) but now is sold in many places and not necessarily at churches on Sundays. I got a couple of orders of puto bumbong for merienda at home.

Puto bumbong just the way we like it - with grated coconut, butter and sugar

Puto bumbong is among those that I categorize under comfort food. The ones I get at our church are good and definitely brings back a lot of memories when I was young and going to simbang gabi with my friends. I associate such food with Christmas, which is always a happy season for me. It certainly does not hurt reminiscing about Christmas any time of the year.


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