Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nadai Fujisoba, Bonifacio High Street

There's another restaurant in Bonifacio High Street that we go to for lunch with our daughter. So far, she also likes the food we have ordered there. We also discovered that it is part of chain of restaurants that originated in Japan. Nadai Fujisoba in Bonifacio High Street is beside Kimukatsu and near the Serendra end of High Street and across from Italianni's. We initially thought they specialized in ramen, which is still very popular in Metro Manila (and has spawned a lot of ramen restaurants). It turned out they have more than ramen and they do serve my favorite zaru soba (cold soba). Here's some photos from one of our lunches there.

Paper place mat
The wife ordered tendon (rice topped with tempura), I got cold udon with tempura and we ordered gyudon (thin beef strips over rice) for good measure.
The display of food looks real. Tthat's how its presented in many Japanese restaurants in Japan to entice people to eat there. There's a special way of making these displays, which is considered an art form in Japan.
Menu presented just outside near the door shows a variety to choose from especially items that are neither ramen nor katsu, which seem to be the most popular fare these days in Manila
The restaurant is child-friendly as aside from us, we noticed other families with children eating at the restaurant. The staff are also kind and attentive. The kitchen is quick in coming up with your orders and they are not an expensive restaurant. Did I mention the food we have ordered so far in our few lunches there were all good tasting? No wonder they have lots of customers. We'll surely be back for another meal and I do recommend the restaurant to those who love to eat Japanese food.


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