Thursday, July 11, 2013

Breakfasts at Joyce's Diner

Joyce's Diner is part of Joaquin's Bed & Breakfast at Tagaytay and since our accommodations included breakfast, we tried what they had to offer in their menu. I must admit that we didn't expect much about breakfast considering our past trips to Tagaytay when typical Filipino breakfast was served where it was part of what we paid for. In many of those trips, breakfasts were nothing special and in some trips, where breakfast wasn't included, we usually went out to eat or bought food and drinks in the afternoon or evening for our morning meal the next day. However, dinner at Joyce's the previous evening gave us something to expect the following morning and the next. 

We were not disappointed as we enjoyed "American" breakfast the first morning and "Filipino" breakfast on the second. Our hot chocolate and coffee were served using a variety of china that to some may be considered antique. And we definitely appreciate that they didn't just serve breakfast a la fast food. Instead we got a rather homey (lutong bahay) style breakfast, and ones that seem to have been specially made by your favorite aunt or lola.

Hot chocolate for me and coffee for the Clairvoyant

Bacon, eggs and wheat bread for me on the first day

Pancake and sausage for the wife

I just had to take a photo of the plate. After we had consumed our fruits, we were surprised to find out that the plate was a souvenir from a past trip along the legendary Orient Express.

Danggit, fried egg, rice and hot chocolate for me on the second day

Boneless daing na bangus, scrambled eggs, garlic rice and coffee for the wife

Joaquin's definitely got both the Bed and the Breakfast aspects of B&B. We will certainly be back for more!

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