Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chocolate review: Whittaker's Dark Ghana

I spotted this bar from the shelves at a supermarket as I was picking up a few items to take back to the office after a lunch-out. I got curious because it was priced the same as a Meiji Black bar that is quite popular in the Philippines. It is definitely not a gourmet bar and does not appear to be promoted as such like other chocolates you would see on the grocery shelves. I quickly checked the cocoa % on the label and was pleasantly surprised to see 72% cacao, putting it in league with the more respectable brands in the market. I decided to purchase one to taste for myself and found it to be decent enough, though not as smooth as the more established (and pricey) bars I've tasted before. For a mass produced chocolate, its probably right there with the Meiji Blacks and Morinaga Bitters if you like a little more kick than the typical 36% to 45% cacao in most dark chocolate bars in the supermarket.

Whittaker's Dark Ghana is at 72% cocoa and its price on the supermarket shelves gives it a slight advantage per gram compared to Meiji Black.

The taste is definitely more pronounced (i.e., in terms of "bitterness") than the popular Meiji Black, which is supposed to have 36% cocoa (it's not written on the label)

Whittaker's can be a good alternative to Meiji Black for those who prefer more bitter chocolate for the same amount of money they are willing to shell out. Like Meiji Black, its packaging is unpretentious and so is the chocolate. Enjoy!


Bimboy said...

Hi, just wanted to ask where did you buy this chocolate. Thank you in advance

Doctrine said...

I'm based in Quezon City and got it from a Robinson's Supermarket branch in the Diliman area.

Bimboy said...

Hi Doctrine, I'm from the south, hope I can get one in Robinsons Ermita, thank you for the info, really appreciate it :)

Darryl Monteros said...

I'm so obsess with this chocolate bar, I bought it from SM north supermarket hope to see this in convenience stores such as 7-11, mini-stop, mercury drug.