Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chocolate review: Royce Milk Chocolate

The Clairvoyant had a stop at Nagoya's Chubu International Airport and while on layover, she picked up a few bars of chocolates there. Curious about the brand and the hype that went with it when they set up shop in Manila, she picked a couple bars of Royce. I had not heard about the brand when I was residing in Japan in the late 1990s and my frequent trips back in the last decade. Perhaps it is because there are so many brands to choose from including chocolatiers from Europe and the US having their shops or stalls at the major shopping centers in Tokyo and Yokohama. Chocolate, after all, is very popular in Japan and especially during occasions like Valentine's Day and White Day.

The packaging for Royce milk chocolate reminded me of the campaigns for  eco-friendly product packaging.
There's no English translation pasted at the back of the bar. I wonder if the bars selling in Manila have those stickers like the Japanese products sold at supermarkets.
The correct way to open the bar is by peeling the tab at the back where the perforations are clearly seen. This way, the packaging is not ruined and you can still keep the left-over chocolate for later consumption. Of course, this doesn't matter if you intend to eat the entire bar in one sitting. :)
Our first look at what promised to be a delightful sampling of Royce's Milk Chocolate

I must say that Royce Milk Chocolate is one of the smoothest we've tasted. You don't have to let it linger in your mouth to know it's really good quality chocolate. At this point, I would say you can believe the hype and perhaps look forward to the next bar (hopefully a different variety) of Royce.

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