Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekday stay at Joaquin's Bed & Breakfast

We learned about Joaquin's Bed & Breakfast from the internet as we browsed one travel site for accommodations in Tagaytay. We are frequent visitors to Tagaytay where we usually go on weekend "detox" trips to enjoy the food and the cool climate. This time, we were looking for a place to stay for a couple of nights during the work week when we took our leaves from our offices for an extended break. As the B&B was highly recommended and the rates were reasonable, I immediately booked us two nights to finalize arrangements for our trip.

We were not disappointed with our decision and it turned out to be one of the most relaxing breaks we had in a while that's not in a nice resort somewhere in Bohol. As they say, words are not enough to describe the nice facilities at the B&B and the good service they provided to their clients. I will be writing about the food in another post so for now I am only sharing a few photos of our bedroom and the great view of Taal from our veranda.

Comfy four-post bed

Bed side lights


Television, a very nice console table and an old-style electric fan (it was functional)

Mirror and our welcome drinks

Shower and toilet
The great view from our room's veranda - unfortunately, I couldn't do justice to it with the BlackBerry Bold's camera
We will definitely be back at Joaquin's Bed & Breakfast in the near future. Though we are always tempted to try the other hotels and B&B's in Tagaytay, I think we've found a place we could regard as a sure thing for our typical weekend relaxation trip. 

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