Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chocolate review: Cailler Frigor Noir

Another chocolate bar I picked up from that "trip" to Santi's was a Cailler Frigor Noir. This dark chocolate had 50% cacao and had a stronger, more bitter taste than Meiji Black. This was understandable given it had more cacao based on the info on the labels. It was a satisfying bite but I think the bar is priced out of its class (~PhP 129) as it was about thrice the price of a Meiji Black (~PhP 43) in local supermarkets and similarly priced as the smoother and more superior Chocolat Stella (~PhP 122). 

Swiss dark chocolate by Cailler

Cacao content was at 50% and the back of the label revealed Cailler to be part of the Nestle Group


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