Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yakiniku dinner with an old friend

I had the pleasure of having dinner with an old friend who's currently a faculty member at the University of Tsukuba. I have not seen him in a long while and we had a lot of stories to exchange considering he got married only a couple of years ago. We decided to meet up at the huge Yodobashi-Akiba, the largest Yodobashi Camera store in Japan, located just beside the JR Akihabara Station. There, we proceeded to the top floor where there is a food court where we had a lot of choices for dining. We opted for a yakiniku restaurant as both of us had not had this kind of barbecue in a while and it was perfect for the beer that we also had not had in a while (I generally don't drink anymore.). A former advisee of his joined us for dinner and added to the stories exchanged over great food.

Food court at the top floor of the gigantic Yodobashi-Akiba in Akihabara electric town
There are many choices here including the familiar Pepper Lunch that's been a hit in Southeast Asia
Yakiniku is actually an adaptation from the Korean barbecue
Yakiniku, beer and good company are a perfect combination!

I look forward to another meeting and perhaps dinner on my return to Japan this October.

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