Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chocolate review: Amber Lyn Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

Sugar free chocolates are difficult to find in Philippine supermarkets and stores. I usually bought a few bars of Lotte's Zero chocolate whenever I went to Japan (I couldn't find this anywhere else.) But Zero doesn't taste like anything special and it always seemed it lacked something (sugar?). And so I continued to look for good "sugar-free" chocolates, partly so that I could get some for my mother who likes chocolates but now has diabetes (but not because of chocolates).

The Clairvoyant and I found sugar-free chocolates in Singapore, at the Cocoa Tree shops at Changi. I forgot the brand but these were better than the Zero chocolates I bought in Japan. Singapore has a good health care system and I would like to think that the government's advocacy against diabetes probably meant they made it possible for diabetic-friendly chocolates in their markets.

More recently, we found good "sugar free" dark chocolate at a local store. Amber Lyn's sugar free dark chocolate came as a surprise as most "sugar free" chocolates in the market have aspartame or some other artificial sweetener in place of sugar. Instead, it uses maltitol, a sugar alcohol that has lesser effect in blood glucose, which is significant for those who have diabetes. Excessive consumption of food with maltitol, however, may have laxative effects.
Sugar free dark chocolate is quite a hard find in Manila. We found this bar at a Healthy Options.
There was no indication of the % cacao so I guess it is not in the same league as the 60+% dark chocolates that are our favorites. Still, the bar was satisfying and the serving was just right to prevent over-indulgence in what is supposed to be a healthy serving of sugar free chocolate.


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