Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chocolate review: Lindt Excellence, A Touch of Sea Salt

We have always enjoyed Lindt chocolates. The Clairvoyant and I have shared bars of Lindt milk chocolate with pistachios as well as the fine thin dark chocolates that was just right for dessert after lunches or dinners that featured savory viands. Only recently have we discovered Lindt's dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. We came across this as we browsed a supermarket shelf in Singapore when we were residing there. It reminded us of the dark chocolate with sea salt that we had along with our wine during one tasting in Napa Valley not too long ago. It was perfect with wine but also great as a standalone treat. There's something about the sea salt that blends very well with dark chocolate.

Lindt Excellence dark chocolate - A Touch of Sea Salt

I bought this one during a recent trip to Tokyo. I found it a neighborhood grocery store near the hotel we were staying at.
I recall that Ghirardelli's also has a sea salt variant of their dark chocolate. I think that so far tops our list for chocolates with sea salt but Lindt's isn't far behind considering there are only two in that very short list. I'm looking forward to finding more of this variety somewhere, perhaps in another grocery store or supermarket abroad.

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