Sunday, September 22, 2013


There was this craze about cookie butter spread recently, and friends and relatives have been raving about it as better than peanut butter or nutella. Relatives even asked people in the US to bring home some jars of the popular variant from Trader Joe's. We were supposed to have one jar among the pasalubong but was not able to get it due to a mix up in schedules.

I found Belgium Treasure Biscrips Crunchy and Tasty Speculoos Spread at a nearby supermarket as I was doing my groceries. Curious as I have not tasted this spread, I decided to get a jar. I did remember that speculoos did not originate in the US but in Europe. Biscrips is a product of Belgium, which makes a lot of goodies including delicious cookies and, of course, chocolate. The spread is said to have originated in Belgium and so I guess the jar I bought at the supermarket pretty much represents a high quality sample of the spread.

Belgium Treasure Biscrips Crunchy and Tasty Speculoos Spread
Information on the label includes ingredients of this popular spread
Looks like rich peanut butter or nutella but tastes like moist, freshly baked cookies
I'm not sure if I loved the taste of speculoos. I think I still prefer peanut butter or nutella but there is something about the spread that's probably addictive to some given that it is essentially good cookies turned into a spread. I guess the jury is still out there regarding the craze on speculoos but so far I think its just one of those fads that will eventually pass. There should, however, be a market for the spread as people will from time to time crave for cookie butter for their snacks.

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