Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rodillas Yema Cake

A friend posted on Facebook about what she claimed as the best yema cake she ever tasted. At the time, she and her family were on a trip in Quezon province and I assumed the cake was made in one of the towns there. From what I recall, yema is a sweet made almost entirely of milk (condensed) and sugar. The consistency, quality and flavor may depend on some ingredients like vanilla and nuts that are mixed with the yema.

Cake box promoting the product with the claim of being "The Smoothest, Creamiest Cake ever." There is also the tagline "The Original Is Still The Best."
The cake inside the box is unassuming but looks sinful enough for one to sample a slice to determine if the cake is really good. My first impression is that it looks just like any cake you can buy at a local bakeshop in the provinces. I'm sure this is the impression of many who will see the cake for the first time and who may not have had the benefit of friends giving a recommendation of the product.
The cake is really good. The yema filling and icing are just right and not too sweet. The cheddar cheese sprinkled on the cake adds to the "lutong bahay" taste and helps qualify the cake in the "comfort food" category.
The verdict? It is perhaps the best yema cake around. I really cannot make a sweeping conclusion as I have not tasted many yema cakes but I'll take my friends' word for it so it might be the best out Quezon until I sample other yema cakes. It also actually reminds me of another popular delicacy, inipit, that has many variants made by bakeries around the country. Maybe to some the yema cake would seem like a giant or upsized inipit? I'll leave that discussion out in the open for now...


john abruzzi said...

eto po ba ung big size ?
or ung small size na around 250php?


Doctrine said...

I think this is the big one. Not sure about the prices though kasi pasalubong siya.

yemacake Merville said...

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