Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ramen at Narita Airport

In a recent trip to Tokyo, we were not able to go to a regular Japanese restaurant to enjoy a bowl of ramen. Most of our meals were with our Japanese hosts who took us to an Italian restaurant, a Western buffet, and a terrific French resto on top of a tall building in Toranomon. Of course, we are very thankful for the delightful lunches and dinners during our short visit for meetings in a project we are currently working on. I myself was able to get in touch with an old friend and we shared a couple of bottles of beer to wash in the yakiniku we had for dinner. My colleagues though were not so adventurous and were not able to sample good ramen or udon though they did indicate they wanted to try out authentic train station ramen.

We still were able to have ramen on our way back at Narita Airport. We went to the food court right after we had checked-in our luggage and found several choices for our lunch including what looked like a very popular ramen stall. I assumed its popularity based on the line of customers making their orders as well as the number of people already seated at tables nearby and having ramen for their meals. And so two of our group ended up trying the recommended sets while another opted for a katsudon set from a stall nearby.

Sign on the ramen shop at Narita Terminal 1 complete with information on their "must try" sets
Our other options were katsu or chinese food. One colleague chose a katsudon set.
Ramen and gyoza set with rice
The jury is still out there regarding the best ramen at the airport (just to qualify where we ate). For now, I think we had the most splendid ramen that time. It was a very satisfying lunch indeed!


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