Friday, August 9, 2013

Chocolate review: Chocolat Stella Cacao Nacional de los Rios, Ecuador 68% Dark

Heading to Tagaytay for a workshop last weekend, our group had a stopover at the Paseo Sta. Rosa. After having breakfast, we had time to go around before we proceeded with our trip. And so I dropped by the Santi's branch there to check out what they had in dark chocolates. I was pleasantly surprised that they had a lot of choices and decided to pick up one each of what they had not being sure if I could pass by the store on the way back the following day. 

Upon arriving at home, the Clairvoyant and I selected our first bar for "sampling" and decided on the Cacao Nacional de los Rios Ecuador 68%. The cacao is supposed to be taken from a single plantation (according to the information in the label) and there is even a nice story about the chocolate on the inside of the packaging.

The packaging for Chocolat Stella's Cacao Nacional de los Rios Single Plantation Ecudaor 68%.

More detailed information at the back

The story behind the chocolate.
The bar did not disappoint and proved to be among the smoothest chocolates we've tasted. My only regret here was not buying another bar. It's definitely one chocolate worth the price and the effort of going to store for a bar or more! :)

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